Epilogue: We Are the Government

The Federal Constitution of the United States begins with the words "We the People." The citizenry is the sole source of all governmental authority, and bears the ultimate responsibility for everything the government does. We are the government of the United States. Therefore, it is our duty, as well as our right, to stand up and demand moral, ethical, and constitutional governance.

Some may think that a petition drive like the Stop the Tyrants Project is a naive response to the constitutional crisis of the federal courts' unethical and immoral abortion jurisprudence. As the creator of this project, I believe it is foolish and naive to think that the absurd injustice of rulings like Roe and Stenberg will ever end as long as the American people continue to tolerate the present-day triumph of judicial tyranny! Our renegade judiciary's success is a victory of anti-constitutional process over constitutional rule by law. Worse still, it is a victory for barbarism over decency.

We must, here and now, stand up as citizens and demand a government that derives its authority from the will of the governed, and not from the whims of an unelected, self-appointed elite. We owe nothing less to every who ever suffered in the name of democracy; we owe nothing less to people around the world who are fighting against oppression.

We must also stand up as human beings and demand that our laws be humane and moral. We owe nothing less to the future. We owe nothing less to the helpless infants who have already suffered horrible deaths at the hands of men like Leroy Carhart. We owe nothing less to the babies who will die if we do not act.

Stand up for the intrinsic, inviolable worth of the individual person: Join the Stop the Tyrants Project!






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