Stop the Tyrants Part I

Fight for your Rights!

§D   Signing and Sending the Judicial Restraint Petition

Fill in the name of your State in the petition's second paragraph.

Send one or more signed copies of this petition to your State Legislature. Also send a signed copy to Congress.

Make sure that signature sheets are labled with the appropriate legislative body. The ready-to-use signer sheet provided has a "To:" line for this purpose.

When sending the signed petition to Congress, send it either the House Judiciary Committee or the Senate Judiciary Committee (or both). These committees have authority over constitutional amendments. Their addresses are given below:

1. House Judiciary Committee

Committee Address:
   House Committee on the Judiciary
   2138 Rayburn House Office Building
   Washington, DC 20515

2. Senate Judiciary Committee

Committee Address:
   Senate Judiciary Committee
   224 Dirksen Building
   Washington, DC 20510

To see the Signature Sheet for the Restraint Petition, Click Here. (The signature sheet will open in a new window. This window will close when you leave this page.)

See the Chapter 2 Table of Contents.

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