Stop the Tyrants Part II

Integrity Down the Drain

§I   What the Hell is Going On?

Let's recap the willful misconduct of the Stenberg majority.

First, they have continued the judiciary's malevolent corruption of constitutional law by extending the unethical jurisprudence of Roe v. Wade. This is a direct attack on the American people's right to govern themselves.

Second, they attempted to hide their extension of Roe by pretending to apply the undue burden standard of the Casey decision. Such shananigans destroy the very possibility of due process of law.

Third, in order to use Casey to extend Roe, they deliberately ignored several important principles of judicial review: The rule of lenity, the rule of plain meaning, the doctrine of constitutional avoidance, and the principle that courts will not address unneeded constitutional questions.

If these judges were ignorant of these important principles, they would be guilty of gross incompetence, which is grounds for removal from office. But all five members of the Stenberg majority are lawyers who have been given the honor of serving on their country's highest court. It is impossible to believe they are ignorant of these important principles. For a judge, setting aside rules of jurisprudence in order to get a particular outcome in a case is willful negligence (a High Crime and Misdemeanor.)

Finally, they have told a number of lies. They lied about:

The House Judiciary Committee drafted articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon because he had lied about a matter that was under criminal investigation (the Watergate break-in). And President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House for telling lies while under oath (in the Paula Jones lawsuit). When a judge lies in his decisions, it is at least as serious an offense as the lying done by Nixon and Clinton! What excuse, then, can the House of Representatives have for not impeaching these judges?

But why have these five judges thrown away any pretense of integrity? Why have these five lawyers all acted as if none of them had ever seen the inside of a law school? In short, just what the Hell is going on here? The answer is simple enough: The partial-birth abortion procedure explicitly demonstrates the inseparability of late-term abortion and infanticide. As such, it has too much potential for humanizing the second- and third-trimester fetus. These judges are simply trying to cover their own rear ends for their previous pro-abortion judicial actions!

This willful misconduct is more than enough to warrent the impeachment and removal of Justices Stevens, O'Connor, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer. But my case for removing these judges is only half done. And the worst is yet to come.

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