Stop the Tyrants Part II

Our Moral Duty

§D   Signing and Sending the Removal Petition

When signing the petition, both print and sign your name, and write the date. Also, give enough of your address to identify your congressional district.

Signed copies of the Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary should be sent to the Judiciary Committess of both the U.S. House and Senate. The House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach civil officers of the United States government; The Senate must hold all impeachment trials.

Bring this petition to the attention of anyone you believe will be willing to sign it. And present it to your own state legislators. Their signatures will certainly get Congress' attention!

Make sure that signature sheets are labled with the appropriate judiciary committee. The ready-to-use signer sheet provided has a "To:" line for this purpose. (The pre-printed sheet is not really necessary, however. Any properly labled sheet of paper will do.)

1. House Judiciary Committee

Committee Address:
   House Committee on the Judiciary
   2138 Rayburn House Office Building
   Washington, DC 20515

2. Senate Judiciary Committee

Committee Address:
   Senate Judiciary Committee
   224 Dirksen Building
   Washington, DC 20510

To see the Signer Sheet for the Removal Petition, Click Here. (The signature sheet will open in a new window. This window will close when you leave this page.)

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