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Page 1: Homepage
Page 2: Prologue: What is Partial-Birth Abortion?
Page 3: Section 1-A: The Court, the Constitution, and Privacy

Section 1-B: Judges as Contraception Referees

Page 4: Section 1-C: Copulation Without Consequences

Section 1-D: Democracy Means Nothing; Sexual Freedom is What Counts!

Page 5: Section 1-E: Our Philosopher-Kings: Abortion is Reproductive Freedom

Section 1-F: Judges as Dictators: Disenfranchising and Dehumanizing

Page 6: Section 1-G: The Court's Compassion: No Difference between a Zygote and a Baby

Section 1-H: Sexual Liberty means Everything; Life Itself means Nothing

Page 7: Section 1-I: Fools and Cowards on the Bench: The Casey Decision
Page 8: Section 2-A: Defending Republican Government

Section 2-B: Stopping Judicial Tyranny

Section 2-C: A Judicial Restraint Amendment

Page 9: Section 2-D: Signing and Sending the Judicial Restraint Petition
Page 10: Petition for a Judicial Restraint Amendment
Page 11: Part II Intro A: The Abortion Methods at Issue in Stenberg v. Carhart
Page 12: Part II Intro B: Nebraska's Ban and the Constitution
Page 13: Section 3-A: Three High Crimes for the Price of One
Page 14: Section 3-B: Abusing the Rule of Lenity

Section 3-C: Deciding an Unnecessary Question

Page 15: Section 3-D: Is the term "Partial-Birth Abortion" Vague?

Section 3-E: Destroying Constitutional Avoidance

Page 16: Section 3-F: Yet Another Falsehood: Partial-Birth Abortion is Safe!
Page 17: Section 3-G: Overruling Casey while Claiming to Uphold it
Page 18: Section 3-H: Extending Roe while Pretending to do Otherwise
Page 19: Section 3-I: What the Hell is Going On?
Page 20: Section 4-A: Partial-Birth Abortion is only Health Care
Page 21: Section 4-B: Only the Abortionist's Point of View Matters

Section 4-C: Pain and Suffering Don't Count!

Page 22: Section4-D: Torturing a Baby is a Constitutional Right!
Page 23: Section 4-E: The End Result of Stenberg v. Carhart
Page 24: Section 5-A: Upholding Human Rights
Page 25: Section 5-B: Defending Human Life
Page 26: Section 5-C: Saving Unwanted Babies
Page 27: Section 5-D: Signing and Sending the Removal Petition
Page 28: Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary
Page 29: Epilogue: We Are the Government
Page 30: The Director's Page
page i: The Hall of Fame
page ii: The Hall of Shame
The Stop the Tyrants Project: Defending Democracy and Human Rights

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